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Today, I did a little digging in the drawers of my room, my computer files etc. and I found some of the first drawings I ever made, so I decided I want to share it with you on Steemit. I'm most recognized by doing animations, graphic design but at first people got to know my work through my pencil drawings. It's been long since I created something with a pencil, but still, I want to share some of my drawings with you and present them in words.

  • Half tiger/half woman - That drawing was stuck in my head for a long time and I wanted to use it as a tattoo.


  • It represents the avatar most of you know. I remember putting alot of effort in this picture, because it was the first for me. Now I notice the little mistakes I made, but still, it looks good I think


  • I'm not really sure, but I think that's my eye. I remember learning how to make drawings look realistic and precise


  • That's the first time I drew lips. This drawing impressed alot of people and I still don't know why. Ha-Ha.


  • Panda Teemo- This was made very fast, because I was making a fast-draw video and it's still somewhere on youtube. I posted it on a random channel and i can't find it


  • You can see my lips on this drawing


Somewhere in the attic, I have my very first album. If you'll like these drawings, I'll go find it and share it with you .

If anyone want any kind of logo, illustration or animation let me know! Don't forget to follow me and upvote! :)


Discord: krikozini#1539
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