A Niko3d caricature, there is a first time for everything.

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Hey all you lovely people's :)

After inktober burnt my creativity I took a break for most of December, then January kicked off which felt like a good time to get back into the swing of things :-)

So onwards with new artwork from me 😃
This time I created my first ever caricature sketch.

Hopefully you can tell who this :-)


And this alternative version too.


I wonder which one do you prefer most?

But why create a caricature?

Recently I was Inspired by a thumbnail technique that artists can use for iterating designs quickly, it's particularly suited to caricature work.

My approach is similar as I evolve my original thumbnail drawing while duplicating, scaling and painting it until it felt right.

The idea is that you feel less precious about the thumbnail drawing, it's quick and rough so your happy to change it up as you need.

Method to my Madness

My modification to this process was more of utilising the digital medium. Instead of drawing a brand new sketch each time, I modified it, then duplicated it creating a feeling of evolution to the design.

I started small, but zoomed in, the actual lack of pixels forced me to avoid details like drawing smaller on paper.
As as I duplicated I scaled up the copy a bit, allowing me to refine it a little more each time. I kept the early stages super quick, it was really to clarify the form better then move on to the likeness while pulling out the extreme shapes.

You can see this process in the image below :)

Stallone all_20190109205828378.jpg

Of course when I was finished the main drawing, being digital does mean that you can create variations pretty easily too.
I felt like a change in proportions could improve it, That's how I ended up with two versions that are radically different in proportions but still hopefully look like the main man himself.

It's a fun process for sure :-) of course if you try drawing a caricature yourself, don't forget photo reference is a must and lots of it.
That's me for now, thanks for viewing.
Nick aka @niko3d

P.s this is my first post under the PowerHouseCreatives group, an evolution of steemitbloggers brought to you by @jaynie and @zord189 😎



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lol... well... Sly's face is basically a caricature irl to begin with :P


He's probably one of the easier people to recognise that's for sure, pretty sure subconsciously that's why I picked him. 😂

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Well your first caricature sure did turn out amazing, good job!


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Haha I laughed at the final result of the drawing. :D You should do more of these caricatures. I love this one

Haha awesome work here man! Love the caricature you created, I'd say the 2nd one is probably the favourite!

Well done, it looks like a piece of an animated movie.

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hahaha!!! That's BRILLIANT @niko3d!

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Wah. Now I know caricature is so much fun. I prefer the first one though. But yup, you are so talented. Inktober burnt my art cells halfway through. Lol... I think i made it only to one quarter. I could not remember.

Anyway, this is well done!

Clealy Sly, but a whole lost less wrinkly.... lol

Looks like you had fun playing with this :)


I did indeed :D and that's the best way to make art 😃

Wow. What a good job. There are some people who definitely look better as a caricature. thanks so much for sharing this!

Very cool work Niko, and very deserving to be chosen as a rally selection at #powerhousecreatives.

Yeah Rocky Balboa hahaha
I am thinking the eyes right?
That gives him away
Welcome back to the SteemVerse :D

I like the second version best. The heavy jaw was the give away for me. I'm typically really bad at recognizing famous people, so for me to even know who this was means you did a fantastic job!

This is really impressive! I like the first one with the smaller chin and knew right away who it was. ADRIANNNN!!!!!!

I'm no professional, but the image on the right really captures the eyes and nose, where the left images seems to do justice to the rest of the face. Overall, excellent work. I wouldn't have guessed this was your first attempt.

Number two is awesome <3

He has an exaggerated proportions to begin with :D But you definitely had fun with this !! :D Good drawing :)

I always thought caricature was an interesting and creative art. I don't see it too often anymore and this is the first time I see it on Steemit and in a long time too. Bravo for that and for doing such great work!

Fabulous job! This is really awesome! 😃

Hello @niko3d, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

You've got it down just so, I prefer the smaller jaw though