Modeling My First Headpiece

in #art2 years ago

A lot of my headpieces are inspired by old Hollywood costumes and burlesque artists. This is my first feather headpiece I made. Actually, this is my first major headpiece ever! Before this I was making small crowns out of foam and hot fix rhinestones. This piece served as a big transition period for me artistically. I figured out how to create a solid base which allowed me to make larger and heavier works or art.

I wanted this headpiece to have a delicate, dusty, and ethereal feel to it. My friend and photographer Jaime did an excellent job capturing the delicate and graceful nature of my headpiece. Inside the bird cage is a small white dove (fake of course) I covered in pearls and lace. I also hid little pearls inside the flowers.

I sold this headpiece to a friend. Unfortunately her cat ate it!!!

feather - 800x600.jpg


Photo: Jay Nic Photography

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