Art Headpieces for Twin Cities Rubber Ball USA

in #art2 years ago

I was so thrilled to be asked by the owner of Bondesque (located in Minneapolis) to create unique headpieces for her store and for the upcoming Rubber Ball USA. I wanted to take this opportunity to make headpieces that were unique and beautiful….however I had function in mind as well. When I am asked to make headpieces for an event I spend extra time researching the event. The website describes the event as “an unrepentant celebration of kink and fetish culture.” People from all over the Midwest gather in their best fetish fashion for a night of mingling, dancing, performances, and maybe some other things I can’t describe here. Guests will be moving around on their feet for long periods of time, therefore I needed to create smaller lightweight pieces. As far as styling goes, I wanted to make headpieces that would work well with fetish fashion, but also work well with other alternative clothing styles (for multiple uses).

Here is what I came up with!! I used a lot of spikes, velvet, and lace...all of my favorite things :) Unfortunately some of the detail did not show up the photos. Overall I think I spent around 100 hours on this project.


20180402_000826 (2).jpg


There is a spider centerpiece. It is hard to see since it is covered in bling!



What did not show well (using camera phone lol) is the beautiful burned velvet fabric with damask design.



There are tiny silver rhinestones and studs in the flower petals



These are beautiful!
The time you put into them really shows, they must be stunning in person. I especially like the last one in the list; the bare spikes off on their own with the flowers down to each side really make the design as a whole really pop.

Thank you. I wish I could capture a better photo so the detail would show. That will be my next goal

They’re all gorgeous. I especially love the second one with the fringe.

Fringe is so much fun

They are all gorgeous, but the one in the third pic.....
Be still my heart! 🕸

I think that one is my favorite too, it looks better in person. I used a beautiful velvet fabric.

All are super gorgeous!

Oh wow, these are so beautiful! I love the combination of lace, beading, and spikes on the first one, and adore the blingy spider on the second one! I can only imagine the labor you put into these... such talent!

Thank you! I hand sew most of it, I try to minimize the use of glue

These are amazing, Nikki. My jaw literally dropped open a little... fetish/goth fashion could use more of this. Keep it going !

Thanks! I plan on making more crowns for the fetish/goth/alt community as well for anyone who want to wear my art!!

Incredible that you create these by hand yourself! My favorite is the first one as it’s dark but delicate and feminine still. Gorgeous 🙌🏽

Thank you! I love making these!

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