Z'more Crypto Cartoonz

in art •  2 months ago 

In my opinion there are currently 2 things happening together in the exciting times we're now living in.

Firstly, robotics are gonna completely change the way we value human capital: It's not what you do, but who you are that's going to be the decisive factor when robots take over your place on the work floor.

And crypto currency will be the oil that will make this engine of human interaction run.

Lots of inspiration for us mere cartoonists.

We ain't seen nothing yet.

Bitcoin's impact on our economy, interaction and social system has only just begun.

What i try to do is to create a cartoon feel from photo's by editing it with a combination of photo editors and playing with light/depth and colours..

I am interested in crypto related pics, industrial photographs, trains, planes & automobiles, nature & fine machinery, but today I am sticking to my crypto pics only.

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All photo's i use are either my own orare photo's from pixabay labeled free for re-use.

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