Step by step Watercolor Painting-On A Budget !

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Awesome day Steemians !

So its almost 6am and I'm done :D And I don't know if its just me or anyone else experience this but my creativity only works at night so most of the time I end up staying all night but I always enjoy it xD So for today I did a watercolor piece and this might come in handy if you are on a budget 😉

** Below are the process and the materials I used**

The Tools



So for the materials,I used:
Paintbrush from Myartscape
0.7mm pencil from Big
190gsm watercolorpaper from Bright
Watercolor from Joy

**most of the materials I've used are inexpensive, the watercolor paper was only $2 and you can get 10 sheets that you can cut to smaller sizes, the watercolor set was only 17 cents if I got my calculations correct xD. The pigment is a bit dull but it's the best watercolor I could ever find for its price ❤. Most of the cheap watercolors are chalky and the colors are not vivid so I'm really happy with the result **

The Process











And that's all for me steemians ! Hope you liked it :) comment bellow what you think or if you have any suggestions ❤ have an awesome day !


no suggestions at all, really good work!!!

MIlooooooooo!!! :D sorry took me forever to respond steemit on my phone sucks so i cant open it buttttttt i just got my new laptop so i can finally upload the pictures and i saw that you won 3rd price at the drawing challenge. Amazing job and congratulations btw :)

Ciaoooo Nessy!!!! I am very happy to hear you managed to get yourself a new laptop!!! An early xmas present I suppose hahahaha. Now you can work more seriously on your posts as I can imagine that on the phone things arent easy at all!!! I have to say, the progress you are booking is really impressive, keep it up Nessy, I love your work!!! I have been absent for a while as well lately from Steemit, and from drawing,... Had a terrible loss in creativity which is slowly coming back though.... I think it has also to do with this terrible cold which arrived here ... pfff, it would be nice to lay in the hot sun right now hahahaha.

MILLLOOOOOO im sorry took me forever again to reply. and merry Christmas btw. i feel you i haven't been making any art this past couple of weeks a lot just happened and the holidays are really hot here I wish we have the cold weather that you have right now tho it makes the Christmas holidays better when its chilly and you can feel the cold of breeze of December. but good news I've been travelling to the beach again :) and how did you spend your Christmas btw ?

Ciao Nessy!!! Hahaha well it's cold here with no snow!! It's not even too cold to be honest! Merry Christmas to you too, even if a little late :) do you have holidays as well in the Philippines for Christmas??I wouldn't mind to spend Christmas with summer weather at the beach :D I've been busy with visiting a lot of family, very funny days, with lots of alcohol and sweets :D

Hi millllooooooo ! My reply is always late 😂sorry bout that my holidays have been so busy I only posted stuff but not been able to be in steemit for awhile we've been going to places non stop its been fun but its tiring and btw Happy New year ! I hope you got drunk and ate so much sweets :D We've been on the beach more than twice this pass week and my skin is getting burned xD but it surely is fun. How did you celebrate your New year btw ?

Happy New year to you!I hope it will bring a lot of inspiration! :) hehehe sun burn eh, I'm white like a ghost these days,... haven't seen the sun for months! NYE was a lot of fun,I celebrated it in Amsterdam , which is a beautiful city as it is, but becomes even more fun on these kind of occasions!!! Got really drunk, but mostly on red wine, so the hangover was a mild one

Thank youuuu :) i hope you'll have an awesome 2018 milo. And Amsterdam ? Wow that sounds amazing esp on holidays my dream is to visit it one day too,hopefully :D and getting drunk on red wine doesnt sound bad and its more healthy

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Beautiful painting , I like your art and follow 🎨😃👍

Appriciate it @jaro-art ! Followed you too :) :D

i also appreciate you. your post are amazing. good work.

I would hang this on the wall, it's so beautiful!

Awww thank you @naydenova I'm actually planning to frame it so i could put it on my room :D

That's great! You should take a picture of it when you frame it and post about it too ;)

Nice painting. You are gifted and your gift announces you.

Wow thats beautiful thank you :) I appriciate it

This is amazing picture so nice

great painting nice colour. looking beautifull and attractive. good job. well done.

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