"Wedding day" painting

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Hi people!

Today I wanted to present you one of my favorite paintings. The painting was done using the oil on canvas technique for my friend from elementary school and her husband. It’s their wedding image with small background changes to make them stand out in the foreground. That girl is a wonderful soul and she went through a very difficult period in her life in the last few months, which was more of a reason for me to do this for her.
Since she moved into a new house with her husband, I wanted to give her some slightly different gift from all the ones he was getting, a handmade oil painting on canvas. Knowing that even the smallest gift makes her happy, I assumed that she would really like this.

I did the painting for ten days on a 50x70 canvas and I can tell you that I am very satisfied. Not only because I do what I love, but because I get into it a lot of love, which other people notice and appreciate very much.
The same thing happened this time. When I took the painting to her, she was thrilled, cried and couldn't believe what I had done for her. She thanked me for hours and looked at the picture incessantly. If you had seen that happiness and the smile on her face when I took the picture to her, you would have understood why I love my job.
I hope you like my work too, and of course I accept all the criticism. 😊












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