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At first, I want to tell you a few words about the creation of sculptures, especially when it comes to Greek sculptures. This is the topic of my current post and in the end, I will show you my work, that is, the drawing of a Greek sculpture.

The Egyptians had the greatest influence on Greek sculptures at the earliest time and the basic characteristic of these figures was the emphasis on attribute and clad clothes. However, the Greeks had their own way of working and they wanted to make sculptures more realistic, with human musings and costumes.
Over time, they managed to improve their skills and achieve perfection in stone processing. Their goal was the idealization of sculptures, namely, the finding of perfect proportions.

The most important sculpture was created in the Roman era, when Polycletus made a sculpture of a Boy with a spear. You probably read or heard a lot of things about this sculpture, so I will not bother you with many of these things, but I want to tell you that the foundation is a boy who leans on one leg and for the first time in a sculpture, the arm hangs freely. On the other hand, in Athens, a new sculpture is created in the free movement of the Disc player. The basic characteristic of Greek art was precisely the problem of achieving appropriate poses, which reinforced the connection between architecture and sculpture.






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