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Hi people!

For today, I have prepared a new post for you, one of my new drawings, oil on canvas. Picture is 40x50 size, done with oil paints. For the purposes of this painting, I mostly use black, brown and white. The theme of this drawing was my friends and the reason was their engagement. It is a beautiful story about two people who met in a student's home and after two years decided to make their relationship official, and I hope they will get married soon. Considering that they are very important people in my life, I wanted to give them something special, which always reminds them of me and lasts forever, so I decided to make this drawing.

This is one of their pictures from some wedding, which I really liked, so I decided on it.
About drawing.. since the color of their clothes is dark blue-black, I decided on a slightly more colorful background, in brown, with different shades, from lighter to darker brown, so that the picture would not be too mon. I have decided for brown because I wanted drawing to look a little more serious considering they are adults and that image will last them forever.

I have to tell you that all my friends liked this drawing very much, especially those who know the two of them.

I hope that you will also like the drawing and feel free to write to me in the comments if you have any remarks, praise, criticism.

So much for today from me. :)

















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