My 3D ART! The project of '' Street Art Illusion'' Phuket. Thailand . Character 2 !!!

in art •  last year

Hello everybody! I continue a series of posts about an interesting project in Thailand.
The second character is Gekkon. There are a lot of them.))))
As usual, everything was painstakingly drawn.)))

SAI 10.jpg





I AM!!


SAI 9.jpg

SAI 10.jpg

Next will be even steeper!

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Great art! ☆☆☆☆☆😎

This is just mindblowing!


Thank you!!!

That's incredible, so much detail!


Thank you!!!

Wow! Beautiful work!♥♥♥

So glad I followed you, your work is insane and I love coming across it in my feed. I love the expression on the gecko's face :)


Thank you)))

Just awesome! My resteem for the day 😁🚂


Thank you!


Sooooo cool love it!!!💕💕💕

That looks fantastically real! Good job!

I'm jealous of your skills! lol. Not the hours of practice you must have put in though - Love this!

Makes me wish I got into airbrushing as a teen (This is airbrushed right?)


Wow...Great art..I liked ..Upvoted

That is awesome😍.

Amazing detail in this piece! It really pops right off the wall. Thanks for sharing, followed!