Three maidens by the window

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Three girls under the window ... this is how A. Pushkin's fairy tale begins - "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" I really hope you read this tale. In Russia, every child knows her (not to mention adults). I have illustrated the beginning of this tale. This is not a commercial project. Just from the heart and from nothing to do. I have no work so far - all customers are closed due to quarantine. A friend of mine jokingly asked - Three girls in quarantine? :) I share my work and photos of its details - because the details are the most interesting :))

At the beginning of the tale, it is said that three girls sitting at the window in the evening are engaged in needlework and have a conversation discussing what would happen if each of them were the bride of the king. And in this conversation their characters and dreams are revealed. One says she would have a feast for the whole world. The second - that would have come across a beautiful canvas. The third - says that she would have given birth to a son for the king.
The king accidentally heard this conversation.

Read this beautiful story. very interesting !
I think that it is translated. And surely there is a cartoon with translation - enjoy.

Три девицы под окном
Пряли поздно вечерком.

  • "Кабы я была царица,-
    Говорит одна девица,-
    То на весь крещеный мир
    Приготовила б я пир".
  • "Кабы я была царица,-
    Говорит ее сестрица,-
    То на весь бы мир одна
    Наткала я полотна".
  • "Кабы я была царица,-
    Третья молвила сестрица,-
    Я б для батюшки-царя
    Родила богатыря".

Только вымолвить успела,
Дверь тихонько заскрыпела,
И в светлицу входит царь,
Стороны той государь.
Во все время разговора
Он стоял позадь забора;
Речь последней по всему
Полюбилася ему.


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