Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf. My original art.

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That happens to me so, sometimes some idea of ​​drawing is comming in to my head, but I realize that I can't make it in a right, perfect way. So it has happened with this drawing. I have decidd to draw a  characters of a fairytale that is called "Ivan Tsarevich and the gray wolf", but this variant does not feel like a final. So, to be continued, as they say, stay tuned!

This idea came as follows. We all know that usually the wolf in the fairy tale is a character that is on the side of the evil guys, well, in 99% of cases. However, there are exceptions. In a fairy tale "Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf" the wolf also acts as a helper of good guys. That's the theme. In all there are exceptions.

size 14x20, gel pen

in process


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The wolf is stunning, great use of red.

thanks alot @opheliafu I thought that it would not be complete without this :)

Awesome job! Upvoted and i'm gonna find you on Instagram right now!

I laughed at the UFO in the back. Great job!

Gel-pen?! Wow, great work :D I also like the UFO, nice touch. I really like your style!

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Yes! I agree with @opheliafu - that one splash of red is amazing. I love your drawings and really enjoy seeing the process in your pictures. :)

thanks alot @merej99 glad to read your comment, as always :)