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You can’t go anywhere, but art is calling. And so the whole family decided to participate in the art challenge - making replicas of the artwork of different times using home tools. Sheets, tights, a sleeping bag, bags, shuttlecocks, charging for the phone and napkins went into business. We had fun from the heart! In the photos my whole family. I, my wife, daughter and son. I hope you like me too

Hans Holbein. Portrait of a man with a lute.

Surreal Art Deco Slava Fokk's Flamingo

Frida Kahlo. Self portrait with a monkey

Portrait of a young man with a skull (Vanitas), Frans Hals

A little about the situation with the virus in my house:
We have been sitting at home for a week now and our head is spinning. Yesterday, our president said - that non-working days are extended until the end of April - and this finally knocks us out of our life's road. All my work depends on customers who are now closed and this means that this month I will not have money at all. AT ALL! Damn, how to pay utility bills and loans - I do not know. On what to buy products - the president also did not specify.
OK. let's see what happens.


What a brilliant idea! I loved all the portraits. :) Btw, have you checked out After a recent fork, it's where a majority of users and curators is hanging out now. You have the same account there. Best of luck to your family through this tough time.

Wow, thanks. Unfortunately, I don’t speak English to follow the news, I don’t have any close friends in real life who publish in Steem .. I just learned about fork from you. Thank you very much for the information!

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