"Take Us Home…" , They Said ....... Thought behind my book "Meandering Brush"…..

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Forests, stars, skies, clouds, wind, mountains, rain, rivers, ..…they have always been my companion and healed me in a way nothing could. My silence talks to stars, to clouds & winds and forests.

My art is a manifestation of moods as felt in the hues of nature. Nature is my temple, my altar. It is in the forests that I found my answers and my paths. My doggie baby girl Tippy, love of my life, too came to me from the jungles.

FOREST HEALING is something that is close to my heart.

Everything radiates an energy. We send out a vibe. Gadgets, internet signals, electric currents, everything radiates an energy. Likewise, forests, sunlight, water, winds, nature they too radiate an energy that interacts with our soul energy.
Walking through forests, amidst nature, is healing. We all know this. Whenever, however it is possible, we energise our surroundings with plants, gardens, parks etc.

However, we are also caught in a lifestyle trap where experiencing real forests is not an everyday thing for many of us.
One day, working on a painting in my home in Lansdowne, in Himalayan Foothills of Uttrakhand, India, surrounded by my beautiful oak trees, listening to the chirping of birds, a thought knocked on my soul. Winds whispered into my ears. Forests sang a song. Clouds wrote a letter. Leaves rustled and hummed…
"TAKE US HOME …" they said. "Take us to your home…." And I painted them as they spoke to me and I took them home.

And so was born my book "MEANDERING BRUSH" and my art of "SOUL LANDSCAPE"….. to paint landscapes of Soul Forests and bring the healing of forests into my home…..
So that I could walk the forest paths and feel the forest energy in my room, in my solitude, and soul travel into it. So that I could feel the sunshine, dream in the moonlight & see the daisies dazzle, with my cup of coffee. So that, when work shackled me to my table and time prevented me from stepping out, I could still look up to see the first snow and feel the magic of mist & fog and sit on some hillside dreaming a silly dream.

Paintings & books are dream portals of virtual travel. They take you into the stories in your soul.

At times (and this is true), Tippy, my doggie baby used to look intently at a forest painting I was working on, and try to get into it. I had to catch her paw before it touched the canvas !

The energy of forests and nature heals the soul, mind and body, -  in reality and even through art. It cannot be denied.
As an artist or writer I can only present a thought. How that thought is received is in the hands of the audience.

Today my thought has travelled to many beautiful places. It sits on some table in France, in USA, in a room in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in homes in Delhi, Lucknow, Bangalore, Mumbai, in UK , Ukraine and so many places. And this is huge for me.

I am happy to share with all of you that the ebook version of "Meandering Brush" is now available in Kindle, Google play and Kobo.

Meandering Brush is a thought I present & an energy I offer that heals and connects you to you, and pays a humble tribute to the beautiful forests and nature. To receive or not to receive, is your free will.

I am indebted to all who purchased my book, Meandering Brush and experienced my thought and my paintings of soul landscapes, and honoured it with their appreciation. I am truly humbled by the value you have given to me and my thought.

Thank you for your love and support. I am so happy that I connected with you all here. Your thoughts are always a source of encouragement for me.

Meandering Brush is now available in both paperback and ebook format.

Google search https://g.co/kgs/Xbi6Yb

Kindle & Paperback https://www.amazon.in/MEANDERING-BRUSH-Neha-Bisht-ebook/dp/B07RQM47SH

Kindle & Paperback https://www.amazon.com/dp/1645465055

Google play https://play.google.com/books/reader?id=HYuXDwAAQBAJ&hl=en&pg=GBS.ZZ0


One day, working on a painting in my home, surrounded by my beautiful oak trees, a thought knocked on my soul. Forests sang a song.... "TAKE US HOME …" they said.

And so was born my book "MEANDERING BRUSH" and my art of "SOUL LANDSCAPE PAINTINGS"…..
......to paint landscapes of Soul Forests and bring the healing of forests into my home. This is my Lansdowne wall....

Often while having coffee I roam these meadows. These are two isolated paintings but somehow seem connected. A part of each other. And that weaves a story in my mind....

My book is a tiny endeavour to express a thought that nature and art are deeply connected and both embody healing of the soul. And nature in art is like meditation.

Thank you for your support.
@nehab / Neha Bisht

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