How magnificent is the individual in an excellent promontory in the Mediterranean!

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Sinai Peninsula is the image of happiness, most profound sense of being, possibilities and peace conjunction amidst the ocean of ​​violence. Zulfikar Haider portrays the tale of the Mediterranean coastline.

Tuba town on the drift has turned out to be dull. Like the ten evenings, the sun has soaked in the west of Sinai. What's more, on the shores of the East covered in obscurity, the ocean has fell. Hilton Resort's visitors wear swimwear and night wear. The evening of October, the forsake air is very ice. The inn experts kept the ocean water in the gap till morning till the morning. 

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Red-Sea Resort is a model of Sinai-dream. A Middle Eastern dream where arrive is sold for peace. Fear where tourism is shut The British runs inns here. The representatives are for the most part Egyptian. European, Russian and even numerous Israelis are general clients here. Egypt and Israel's banner flying outside the inn The Israeli government feared a psychological militant assault a month back. Be that as it may, there is such a threat, it leaves once more. Travelers don't recall that in the last 50 years, the responsibility for promontory has been changed more than once in two old adversaries. In 1956, 1967 and 1973, the land was possessed by Egypt and Israel. At long last, in 1979, the peace assention divided the two nations. Israel is compelled to hand over the control of the island to Egypt That agreement is powerful till now. 

Sinai is dependably the substance of contrary energies. Troublesome soil yet the sky-air magnificence thrills. Here is the one of a kind congruity in working life. The geopolitical significance of the promontory is tremendous however most of the general population here are Bedouin. They contemplate patriotism. Over the most recent couple of decades, innate individuals were blended in the islands in various timeframes that they were by all accounts a necessary piece of their geopolitics. The rushes of sand on the tops of the sand are precisely similar to the wave.

At the point when the night ends up plainly thick, the swarm gets jammed in the clubhouse, bars and discos. All the days and celebrations of the Sinai convention are praised here. The Egyptians praised the day the Egyptian fighters entered the primary promontory in the Battle of Iom Kipper in 1973, the Egyptians commended the day. What's more, recollecting the scriptural points of interest of the precursors' excursion through the leave, the Israelis recalled that him. Some have the delight and detachment that the place is So the promontory is so not quite the same as Egypt, 

The Israeli fringe only a couple of miles away. The fire-warrior Shakar Zayed and his better half are leaving the performance center shortly more. They were leaving an American motion picture with firefighters. The word was gotten notification from the theater.


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