Life is full of Beauty | Thinking out Loud

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It's 2016 and everyone is making new year's resolutions and I think it's a good thing. It makes you reflect on your past and think about your next year that lies ahead of you.

For me new year's resolutions are goals that I want to achieve or things I want to improve in. And one of my goals is to get out of my comfort zone more often. I want to travel more, see new places, do, explore and experience new things, meet new people and most importantly have no excuses.

Sometimes we stop ourselves to do certain things because the weather is not perfect, the circumstances are not perfect and everything actually seems so boring and stupid. So you just decide on staying home and do everything you normally do.

But I realised if you think this way, you will never go outside your comfort zone and experience all these new things you may have not even think about. And just miss out on life.

That's why I decided to go for a trip and visit a town without any plans and expectations. I didn't know where I will go or what I can see there. I just wanted to discover things.

And this is one of my other goals. I want to learn to see things in a different way and pay more attention to things I haven't really paid much attention to before.

Sometimes we are just so busy and focused on everything else that we start taking for granted where we are and what we can actually experience just by walking around and by looking at our surrounding.

I wonder what would happen if we start looking at the world with the child's eye from time to time? What things would we able to see?

I think life is full of beauty and we just need to notice it.

That's why I also want to capture more things and create more art. For me creating videos and being creative in general is something I really like and even though sometimes I have no clue what I'm doing, I always try to find something new I can do or implement into my work because I easily get bored and uninspired if I do things the same way every time and if I don

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