Art in São Paulo: Portrait of Oscar Niemeyer by Eduardo Kobra

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Eduardo Kobra is one of the most renowned street artists in Brazil. He is notable for painting murals, usually depicting portraits with a technique of repeating squares and triangles. Kobra utilizes bright colors and bold lines while staying true to a kaleidoscope theme throughout his art. His graffiti and murals have won the world and today are scattered throughout Brazil and the world.

Much Love 💞
Dani Denes

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Excellent artwork. The building doesn't look so ugly now! Thanks for sharing, Dani! 😃

I’m in vacation here in São Paulo and having a great time checking all the arts :) thank you for stopping by!

Keep posting photos like this, if you find more! I love Street Art! Specially when it's this good!

I will!!! Making some videos as well :)

i love his style of art! so expressional!

Really cool right?! Thank you for stopping by😉

this is some amazing street art :)

It is! It changes the city, that’s for sure😎

Sim! Os gringos adoram ele. 😉

Wonderful street art, very realistic, I loved the colors.

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já conhecia o Kobra, excelente artista, gostei das cores dessa obra

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