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More photos 👉Step by step.

It seems to me that creativity begins at the moment of relaxation. The process takes place from heart to line. Without a rational supervisor of the "head".

Colored pencils, A5.

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With love NatiChi.

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When I used to draw, patience, relaxation and good background music were the key to enjoy drawing and even create new ideas.


Good music definitely changes the outcome for me too. For me it works almost like a guide telling me which emotion or subject to create. Total silence during the late nights pretty cool too, especially when you start to hear the birds waking up

Congratulations, very good presentation of the post. The photography is very good, it looks professional and that pleases the Steemit community


I loved your post and your drawing, very original!
I used to vote and follow you (I'd like you to follow me too).

I love the beauty fo a woman .. as if they are the creatures of god and devines ..

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Wow amaze to see!

Que belleza en la sencillez de los trazos, buen trabajo.