Parrots with watercolor 🦜

in art •  4 months ago

I love parrots, they are so colorful, clever and cute! 🦜


Here is the drawing process 🎨:

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a quality art, very well elaborated I congratulate you, one of the advantages of this magazine is to support each other with our comments and votes, so our art will have more visualization in the community, your support is important for me and for others, artist friend , in this way our growth will be successful, greetings


Thank you! Your art is also wonderful))))

Hello @natamurr! Excellent work!

I'd like to let you know that I've featured your post on my Art Curation Initiative #8 - Help Me Select 3 Artists to Reward With SBI Shares


Edit: Congratulations. You won: Art Curation Initiative 8 - Results


Hello @natamurr, I congratulate you for the art, thank you for sharing it.


Thank you for your attention)))


You are welcome @natamurr, my pleasure