Proof it me and Another Day in my Studio of Creativity! Learn to draw! My real Pictures!

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Hi! To start once again want to prove that this is my personal blog! For this I drew a picture, took a photo with it in hand. Photo below.

Also right below the inscription Steem! Assuring you that this painting I painted especially for you:) Hope you like!)

A few years ago I opened my own arts Studio! And I want to show you another day in my Studio of creativity! Learn to draw! My real pictures!))


I'm sorry if I come off as rude, but I'd really like you to write your Steemit username on that boy picture and take a picture of yourself holding it. This way others and I can really be sure you are who you claim to be. In that case, I'll be glad to up vote this post and many in the future since I like your work like many others do, also I'd follow you. Cheers! :))

Yes? well, you will soon;) I just thought it to be beautiful)

You can use a pencil to do it, so that you can erase it later on and not "destroy" the great art piece. :))

thanks I do that!

These photos appear to come from the AzArt instagram account azart_studio_

Specifically this photo you recently posted:

This is the original (that appears not to include your sign)



Мы верим Вам спасибо за пост

Спасибо за комментарий;)