Draw on Blockchain : Mr Insanely Great see the lucky dandelions at the pier

in art •  2 months ago

Today when Mr Insanely Great was passing by the pier, he saw some dandelions. This is lucky dandelions. When you see his there should be something good is waiting for you! However, you can only see they are smiling to you, they won't tell what is the lucky thing.

And the art supply near my office refills some Posca makers! Three pastel colours, which I used in the drawing. The yellow oxide is acrylic pen, I thing if I always draw forest, it will be a nice one. But the brush stroke is quite obvious.

* * *

今 天 當 Mr Insanely Great 經 過 碼 頭 時 , 他 看 見 了 幸 運 蒲 公 英 。 傳 說 看 到 他 們 的 人 都 會 遇 上 好 運 的 事 。 不 過 他 們 不 會 告 訴 你 將 會 發 生 甚 麼 事 , 只 會 默 默 的 微 笑 。

公 司 附 近 的 美 術 店 posca 入 貨 了 , 進 了 三 隻 粉 彩 色 。 就 是 上 面 用 在 蒲 公 英 的 。 還 多 買 了 一 支 壓 克 力 筆 , 泥 黃 那 隻 , 但 筆 觸 痕 跡 有 點 明 顯 。

Thank you for passing by.

This is my daily little illustration comic.

See you tomorrow!

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Never seen blue and purple dandelions before! Where in the world do you live!



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It shows your happiness being surrounded by many of Leon's teeth is a very nice and creative painting! Thank you for sharing it with us :)


Thank you! But what is leon's teeth?