Draw on Blockchain : Mr Insanely Great says, Let's share the mooncake together!

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Have you tried mooncake? I like mooncake, but can't eat much because it is not good to health with high sugar and oil. So people usually share it with a quarter. Drink tea and est some fruit. Star fruit and pomelo is the fruit of the festival.

I make the sun printing lantern as a new character xD I like it without the scary face~ Decided to name the marshmallow with something like "pon".

* * *

月 餅 雖 然 高 糖 高 油 不 健 康 , 但 一 年 一 次 就 算 吧 xD 而 且 大 家 都 一 個 份 幾 份 吃 嘛 ~ 然 後 還 有 星 星 和 沙 田 柚 或 者喝 茶 來 解 膩 。

把 昨 天 的 太 陽 神 燈 籠 變 成 了 新 角 色 。 現 在 倒 不 覺 得 他 恐 怖 , 有 點 可 愛 ~ 然 後 棉 花 糖 在 想 有 pon 這 種 感 覺 的 名 字 。

Thank you for passing by.

This is my daily comic illustration series.

See you tomorrow!

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Thank you

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They say that everything in excess is not good, but if you eat those candies from time to when they do not fall bad! This very nice that illustration was great thank you for sharing with us


Thank you. I will control not eating too much mooncake~