Draw on Blockchain : Mr Insanely Great is visiting the Chocolate Great Wall and there is a super slope!

in art •  7 months ago

Continues the Choccoland journey<3 Todag Mr Insanely Great traveled the Chocolate Great Wall which is the only architecture can be seen from the space! The whole wall is made by chocolate and one part of the wall is a great slope. In the ancient time, when the enemy comes near the wall, they can't stop eating chocolate and full till they can't move anymore. Traveler need to slide down to move forward.

This idea is from my childhood memory of visiting the Great Wall. I remember there is a part with a super slope. People moves quicky by walking, but I hold the balustrade tightly, moving like a snail.

* * *

繼 續 CHOCCOLAND 的 行 程 。 今 天 Mr Insanely Great 去 了 在 外 太 空 也 能 看 到 的 朱 古 力 長 城 。 就 如 名 字 一 樣 , 它 是 由 巧 克 力 建 造 的 。 古 時 當 敵 人 來 了 會 忍 不 住 一 直 吃 , 吃 到 動 彈 不 得 。 有 一 段 特 斜 的 , 要 用 滑 的 才 能 前 進 。

小 時 候 到 長 城 就 是 有 一 段 特 別 斜 的 路 , 雖 然 不 少 人 都 不 費 力 的 下 去 了 , 而 怕 高 又 沒 速 度 感 的 我 抓 著 扶 手 , 抗 地 心 吸 力 地 以 毫 米 為 單 位 前 進 ...

This is my daily little comic.

Thank you for passing by and see you tomorrow!

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Your experience from visiting the great Wall is profound, I like the fact that your works are always from your past experience it's keeps does memories alive
The enemy can't stop eating chocolate because chocolate is sweet
Thanks for sharing your work
Upvote and follow is just posted @thunderstruck1
Hope you like the contents of my post like I love yours

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