Draw on Blockchain : Heavy rain turns into tinsels and Mr Insanely Great is going to collect them now

in art •  3 months ago

Friday! This is rainy days here and always comes with sudden shower. In the Decodeco Forest, there was heavy rain too. Near the Tinsel Lake, heavy rain will turned into beautiful golden tinsels. Mr Insanely Great is going to collect this rare treasure now.

一直是烏雲跟突然暴雨的一周。DECODECO森林裡,在金蔥湖那邊,下來的雨都會變成聖誕裝飾金蔥。所以下大雨MR GREAT也不能閒下來,趕著去收集金蔥呢!

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只要我回到公司和回到家才下就好,不要走路走一半給我突然下雨,傘來不及打開 囧

原來tinsel 是金蔥!! 我現在才知 😁


我都係google 返黎xDDD 完全醒唔起平日叫佢做乜xDDDD 可能只係叫裝飾果D一條條野xDD

So cutee (^▽^)


Thank you~~~ hehehe~