The famous people (by nadiartist ART)

in #art5 years ago

Good afternoon. Today wanted to show you the posters and portraits of world celebrities. I am sure you know each of them. It turned out quite not badly, but already to judge it to you. Well let's begin viewing. At first you will see stars of world cinema.

Actually works of this director very much to me were fallen in love. I consider it genre classics the fighter.

Further you will see my favourite actors. I very much like movies with their participation.

It is sure that you know all these talented people.

I know that here so here to you the whale is a lot of whales :)

And here she is my darling, but already in other style.

Thanks for attention. I hope that it was pleasant to you.


Well done! Vincent and Jules are amazing :)

Wow very nice capturing. Used to be able to draw portraits. Have not drawn one for 35 years.

Up voted and your up voting my contents will be appreciated.

Thanks and good day!

Be Free Always, All Ways!

great job!

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