My second post here. Subject: Serious Animation ART :3

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Hello companions. It is my second post on this project. And it will be devoted already to my creativity completely. In this post waits for you to work in a format (Digital creativity) which I could seize. It will be a big post so be stocked by patience :) or prepare for yourself tea. I am interested in that that my post was pleasant to you so here nothing superfluous will be interesting (I pledge you the word of honor). I began with drawing on the computer in different programs absolutely not long ago approximately a year ago. Since then often I am engaged in drawing of characters from the different Universes. Well so let's pass to viewing you here came to read not compositions :D

Well as you from my first post liked the character Harley Quinn here to you the ART on this subject. Looks adequately your attention? I hope. Those who watched the movie Suicide Squad know these two characters. They were fallen in love by much. I very much liked the movie.

Martina Shtossel is the Argentina actress, the singer and the dancer who has gained fame thanks to Violetta's role in Disney's series "Violetta". Well and of course Step by step! I know you love it.

 About New Year 2017 there were 85 days! But early still to buy the Christmas tree.

Sailor Moon (anime) and Heroines :)

It seems it is time to pass to the most abrupt works. Step by step you will see process of creation of the drawing. And drawings are devoted to abrupt series "Witch" many are familiar with this animated film since the childhood to him 12 years.


Further you will see portraits of my friends in animation style. Very much it was pleasant to them as I have drawn them. I could draw also you if you want. Somehow so at me left.

On it I perhaps will finish the post. He seems to me it has turned out very long but interesting. I hope that you had liked this post. And that he has lightened your mood though slightly. If this post is the same popular as well as first post there will be a continuation. Many thanks to those who has voted for the first post! I'm very glad. 

Small island of creativity in madnesses of the Internet.

Here are glad to all and everyone

Welcome home there is @nadiartist


Incredibly beautiful stuff! You've got a new follower ;)

Very nice art.

Nice, i like it.

:D lovely artwork. welcome to steemit.

These are very good @nadiartist
I'm looking forward to seeing what else you share. :)
Might I ask what your native tongue is? I ask because I was tripping over your text a little bit... please don't take offense - it's my autistic brain.

no, you are right my Native Russian on it there are difficulties with perevoy into English

How on earth could I tempt you to make more Sailor Moon art?!? Your portfolio is varied and awesome! I'm following and I hope to see tons more (sailor moon, fingers-crossed ;)

Awsome, great work. I love the Harley Quinn one. You should enter my art challange. Upvoted and followed.
💋 @halo 💋😇

Really nice art! It's great to see another quality artist join, steem-on.

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