3 Posters Design and 3 Illustrations: Tribal Techno Festival

in art •  10 months ago

Hi there,

Today I would like to share with you these 3 drawings/posters that I made. 

Here are the 3 ink and fineliner drawings made on A3 paper. I used these drawings to create the posters on Indesign. 

And here are the finished posters: 

Comment if you are interested in seeing the complete progress of these posters. I made a lot of sketches!

I would love to hear your opinion, which do you like better, the ink drawings/the posters? And between the three designs?

Take care and until next time

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Holy crap, that is trippy! Really like the cultural/tribal and modern fusion - awesome idea


Thanks so much, for your comment, yeah they turned out really trippy, I think it's mostly due to the "3D effect"! Thanks again for checking this out :D

Looks pretty cool to me!