Gouache Painting with process

in art •  10 months ago

Greetings from a snow-filled Berlin today, 

I'de like to share with you today my process in making this A3 gouache painting on paper: 

My goal for this painting was to keep it pretty loose and leave room for a bit of experimentation. 

I started off with a quick line drawing: 


And then grabbed my paintbrushes and gouache paints (I used the 3 primary colors and white to create the different colors)

So, I hope you guys enjoyed seeing this painting come to life, 

Until next time!

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This is wicked! I love your style. Those colours are so nice! Followed :)


Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! :D Followed you as well!

Nice! I like your style. Would like to see more of your works! :D


Thanks so much @hiddenblade, loads more to come! :D

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Nice work, following.