Cardboard Painting Shenanigans: "Dreamer"

in art •  last year

If you guys have followed some of my posts on this great platform, you know that I love painting on cardboard with acrylics! 

Here is a pretty big one that I realised I never shared. It was actually one of the first I ever attempted in this technique. It remains very loose and sketchy. I won't say too much about it, but I would be really interested in knowing how you perceive it!

Wishing you an awesome Tuesday folks!

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Nice, I love these type of paintings. Cardboard and acrylics... Looks raw...


Thanks for your comment @friendly-fenix! I completely agree with you when it comes to the feel of rawness that using a cardboard enables!


You just have to make sure to curate/mount the cardboard well, so people can hang it on the wall.

Well Hello !
I just found you through facebook steemit group!
I love this painting of yours! You did great!
See you around!