A Look Into My Sketchbook: Sketching at Berlin's Pergamon Museum, Pottery and Patterns (Drawings & Photos)

in art •  9 months ago

Hello Friends, 

Here is another look into my sketchbook today. 

I recently got a museum Card in Berlin which permits me to go without limitations to specific museums for one year. I have already taken good advantage of this card to go sketching in the Bode-Museum and the Pergamon Museum. Both were very successful excursions and I recommend checking these museums out to anyone living or visiting in Berlin! 

I roughly sketched these beautiful pieces of pottery on site and then detailed them at home. 

Here are some (blurry :') ) photos I took from pottery and patterns: 

I also sketched this cool statue of an eagle and this bas-relief of an animal, which I then had fun filling up with patterns. 

Here is a closer look at that last one: 

Finally, I tried sketching this intricate door, but it was time to head home, and I added this sketch of my friend chilling at a bar later on. 

And just because why not, here is a silly picture of an excited me, standing between these fierce lions, sketchbook in hand! 

Have a great day steemians! 

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