A Look Into My Sketchbook: Experimental Portrait in Gouache and Coloured Pencils

in art •  last year

Yesterday afternoon, @alt.ctrl and I had some nice sketching time.

We both got our paintbrushes and sketchbooks out, put some motivational music and got cracking!
Here is one of the drawings that I ended up making: 

Originally, this painting started out as a way to finish the gouache paint I had used for another painting. I randomly set it down on the paper, experimenting with the colours. I then worked over it with Polychromo pencils.

Thanks for reading,

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Looks awesomee ;) keep up

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Beautiful work!


thanks so much @shenscott !

Curious technique girlfriend. I'd be stoked to see a timelapse. Is that something you could possibly do at your desk with a tripod? The outcome and colours a really sweet and fresh. Keep at em :)


Thank you @zeitgleich, glad to hear your supportive words! Yeah, that is something I've always been considering doing, would have to get myself a tripod and some decent lighting in my place first though!
I checked your blog out, looking forward to seeing more of your illustrations, followed you :D


Aw cheers! I look forward to your upcoming work. In Austria we have "willhaben" sort of an equivalent of craigslist. You might be likely to find decent equipment in your regional market platform :) Yeah light is a tricky one too. Try to get your hands on a studio daylight lamp. Good luck!!!


Thanks for the tips, I will make sure to check that out! :D

beautiful! good job! in my spare time I also like to draw sketches)