French Art - Decoupage technique

in art •  3 years ago 

Good evening everyone! Today i would like to share with you some of the latest paintings of my girlfriend. She uses a technique called "French Art" here in Argentina. But is also known as "Decoupage" (since it's based on this technique). 

In short words, this decorative technique consists in transforming a flat image into another, which shows to the sight a feeling of depth. It's mainly done with 3 or more equal sheets --> I would go through the origins and details of the technique in another post!

Saying this, here are some of the paintings:

This one is a gift she made to me for my last birthday, since i'm fond of rock and playing the guitar

A portrait of Venice Beach in California

I'll keep posting new works and progressions of them. Hope you like them! Thanks!

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Jesus men, this shit seems the real deal.
Your girlfriend rocks!
Cool guitar bro, can't wait to see more!


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