Doodle of the day 🎨

in art •  6 months ago


I got a little excited with my new coloured pencils! So here is a portrait of Min Yoongi. It didn't turn out how I wanted it to, but I'm satisfied. 😊❤

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot IPFS IOS Android Web
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Wow you can take photos AND draw!!! You rock!!!

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Nice one! Min Yoongi I'm guessing is one of the k-pop idols right? Welcome back btw, I just got back to posting too.

Probably you are forgiven for blowing off most of your chores today. You sitting drawing all afternoon and creating art? More please!! 😍

@riverflows THANK YOU! I'm still learning 😂❤️😊

@kenistyles Thank you Keni! And yes he is😊