Portland landmarks painting

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Several weeks ago I went to Shanghai and visited my high school Chinese teacher. He is the best teacher I have ever had. We all love him.

I didn't know what I should bring to him as a gift. I thought this for a long time. At the end I decided to make a book of copies of my paintings because all of them are too huge to carry on. I still had another idea of the gift. I could paint on mini canvas.

I purchased the mini canvases on line and started painting. What I should paint? This is another question. I hope my teacher could travel in our state. So I can paint our landmarks since Oregon is a very beautiful state in the USA.

I chose five landmarks of our state to paint. Here is one.





It is very small. 3"x3"inches


From left to right and up to down:

  1. Cannon Beach 加农海滩

  2. Mount Hood 胡德雪山

  3. Columbia River Gorge 哥伦比亚河峡谷

  4. Multnomah Fall 马特诺玛瀑布

  5. Crater Lake National Park 奎特湖国家公园


Aha! I recognized all of these landmarks instantly. Lovely color choices on all of them. The gorge is my favorite one in the collection.

I like that one too. Actually it is too small to paint due to not having tiny brushes :P


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