Incredible Paintings From An Incredible Artist

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These paintings are incredible. There is a georgeous artist here. Maybe you know him but I want to introduce him.


Born in 1959 in Toronto, Canada, Artist Rob Gonsalves is creating a rare mix of creativity and optical illusions, from amazing transitions from bridges to clouds to caravels, you never know what to expect from his incredible paintings. With his unique perspective and style of magic realism he produces his limited edition prints and illustrations for his own books. Gonsales started developing an interest in drawing when he was just a child, most of his work back than was from his own imagination and as he got older his technique improved. By the age of twelve he really got into architecture and thats when he learned perspective techniques and started to create his own work of imagined buildings. There is no surprise the artist is very much inspired by artists Dali and Tanguy and once he learned of their work he immediately started his first surrealist painting. Below is a sample of his work . take 10 minutes to dive into a magical world...






Rob Gonsalves