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Hello, steemit users.

It's time to tell you a little about me.

I once had an account on this platform, but, unfortunately, I lost access to it.

My name is Alexandra. I was born in a small country. From childhood I loved to draw, but besides that I was engaged in dancing, swimming, athletics and tourism. But most of all I loved to draw.

I never went to art school, but after school I enrolled at Сollege of Arts and still study there. I decided to link my future with design. I plan to go to university.

In my free time I sometimes take photographs. And later I will show you my photos. Of course, they are not professional at all, I do it solely for my own pleasure.

And I also love to be photographed ;)

Below I will show you the photo with me.




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interesting :) Which country is this small country? hehe

Чего на земле валяешься

Привет привет😉

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Привет (:

Hi @mulv9.
Welcome back on board then.


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