Hallmark Kaleidoscope

in art •  2 months ago


If your kids are spending too much time on their tablet or computer, it may be a good idea to take them to Kaleidoscope for a different creative nourishment.


Kaleidoscope is operated by Hallmark Cards and admission is free! Children of all ages are welcome here and they can make art with materials from Hallmarks manufacturing processes also at no charge.


It is an awesome place for children to work on their creativity, have fun and feel good about their ideas and masterpieces.


Free creative art sessions are also available for children to stretch their creative muscles making some amazing art.


The place is colourful and decorated to entice children and to enjoy themselves. Work stations are everywhere and there is an area that is darkened to allow children to work on their glow in the dark art. There is even a simple machine for children to cut up their art into jigsaw puzzles.


I think Kaleidoscope is closed on Sundays and if the children are keen to join the art sessions, it would be advisable to call in to book a place.


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