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in #art4 years ago

Here is one work i did about a week ago, using watercolors and ink.
Still i am practicing to use ink and i really love how it looks. Finally in s the end of the week , so from all the stying i will have some free days, some hours to spent drawing. Finally!!
I have to finally finish editing my Christmas painting video too which i did already couple of weeks ago, i am just waiting for December, closer to Christmas so i can finally publish it.
The times just goes so fast, that i now have to do so many things, and my studies are very intense, so i will have to manage to combine those two things together somehow, so far the plan in working fine!
I have some more ink works at home already done, some started, some not finished, and some i think i will never finish, but maybe, who knows, it comes out of nowhere, a motivation to continue a work i maybe had already forgotten

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