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Here are some more photos of my Alfie Deyes painting i did. This is an original painting
For those who don't know, he is a Blogger and he is making vlog videos. I am a fan of those, and when i have some free time i am watching them. It is a way of relaxing. My daily life is very full of working, studying, making art, so in the end of every day i feel very tired and stressed sometimes. So i wanted to make a painting of one of people who can make me laugh and is interesting to watch. So for everyone who dot know him i can really advice to check it out!
I made this work with watercolors, and i used a brush, you can see it in the second closeup picture.
I really enjoy working in this style, Black and white. That is one type of paintings, that i really want to continue doing. I have some other people in my mind of who i want to make a portrait painting. I was searching for those photos a long time in my folders. Just because i have so many photos etc. That is one big passion of mine also, i love to make photos, of nature, animals. I maybe will share some of them with you all in my future posts:)


good, and I hope you enjoy my entries

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