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Here is my original Mandala drawing.

As i have heard than word Mandala comes from an Indian language. It may seem simple, as it has a round shape, but it is actually far from it.
I think that it represents something that is very well organized. Something that is whole, and everything just fits in. Especially for me, it is just fun to make those. I am a person who pays a lot of attention to details, and i have no problem to work for 10 hours just drawing small small details with a pen. I have done it, and even during the night, when i just can not go to sleep, or when had to go to school in the morning, i was sitting very late behind my desk just drawing, making sketches. My eyes were sore and sleepy, but i just could no stop!
Also mandalas are being used in mediation. I myself am not a really big fan of it, neither i do it, but i am interested in it for sure. And after making something like this, i can fully understand why!

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Strangely I saw it on a movie called "last mimsy" many years ago for the first time and never again until the last few days when all of a sudden they seem to be everywhere! HECTIC!

beautiful, sacred geometry and fractals....mesmerizing, thanks for sharing

Thank you so much! :)

Beautiful combination of flowers

Thank you! :)

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