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This is another sketch from my sketchbook. I don't know why i was not showing you all my sketches earlier!
This is still not finished, but i will post the finished result too once i will get this done.
Finally now i got some free days in the weekend,so i can concentrate on drawing more now, what i was not able to do completely this week due to studying and working.
I am drawing this with a Pen, and this is my original design, i was not influenced by any images or anything.
Now i have couple of drawing which i have not shown yet, but for now i will concentrate on this drawing and i will start new portrait today. Also i want to write some stories and continue the ones i have started, which is my great passion too, the way i am relaxing every weekend after a busy week.
So for now i hope everyone is having a great time and if you are not than you can like me: Draw/Doodle something, read or write what is on your mind!

You can follow me on twitter also: https://twitter.com/msendyart

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