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This is my very first commission i have ever did. Earlier before this i made couple of portraits, but i never did any commissioned work like this. It really came out of nowhere. I was contacted by a man who wanted to decorate his house, so he had a room in which he wanted something special. He wanted some kind of an artwork in there. So he saw my works and asked can i draw something like a city view, with water. He already had an idea on what size he wants the work to be, so i need to stick to this plan and make something out of it.
Actually i can say that i was nervous. It was really my first work for which i would be paid afterwards, and it is not a portrait, or a work i had already done, so i had a lot to prove. At least for myself i thought that i had!
After i did it he sent me the photo of the work framed, which you can see below, i added that photo too. I think in the end i managed to get it done nicely and it looks awesome! The person who commissioned this was also very happy, and that is the most important part of it all actually. It also makes me happy.

This is the first i can see my original work framed and this makes me so proud! I am happy to say that i am working on a drawing something similar to this one now, so i will let you all know about that soon!

You can follow me on twitter also: https://twitter.com/msendyart


How strange you wouldn't sign your first commissioned piece.....

BTW, you are spamming the nature tag.

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