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Here is one sketch from my sketchbook!
As i have said before, i just cant live without drawing, sketching and so on. I bring my sketchbook everywhere i go.When i am studying, or working, or just in any of time of the day, if i will have some free minutes, i will some kind of sketch. Some people may use their phone, go in to the Internet, but i am just taking a pencil and drawing.
I have also sketches with colored pencil too, or pen, so i don't just have black and white ones. It depends on the day, how tired i was at that moment or what i was thinking. You can actually know how the person was feeling buy their sketches!
I know a couple of people who are doing the same, some close friends on mine also find this method brilliant to spend their free time. I think it really calms me down, and i am not even trying to draw something detailed or anything, as you can see- It is simple,some are even less detailed than this!

You can follow me on twitter also: https://twitter.com/msendyart

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