Chanisaw in the forest

in #art5 years ago


This guy is cutting his way through trees and bushes. You don wanna mess with him!

I used in total 4 Photos (three nature photos and one of a guy with the chainsaw). I only needed to cut the silhouette of the guy and of the front Picture on the bottom. The other two could be use in the Background after only editing the colors. There are another two transparent layer to get this foggy purple blue effect.

I also made a GIF of it (in a rush) simulating a snow storm.


I hope you like what i made and feel free to copy it.

Have a great day!



so creepy I love it!

Thanks! I am happy to hear that! Indeed a bit creepy, however the original picture of that chainsaw guy is actually a bit funny. Well, I like it this way better. cheers

Reminds me of Jason from Friday the 13th. Nice job!

True, it does. I haven't noticed. Maybe i was subconscious dramatized by that movie :P
Thanks so much for your comment!

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