FanArt: Introducing mr. jo"bean"😉😉

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Hi! Good day steemians.

Have you seen mr. bean cartoon animated series or familiar with the character? If i know most of us had watched this hilarious frictional character before and everything goes back whenever we hear this- "ta nan nananan nannanan na nanan nan nannanan...."🎶🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵 with matching door locked effect hahahah no doubt i can still remember it because obviously I used to watched the series during my childhood days and I'm a fan actually, this is also the reason why I named myself mr-jobean here in steemit. So, today I am going to draw a sort of FanArt introducing mr-jobean.😉😅

Things needed:
Eraser, pencil, ink pen, paper and coloring materials.


  1. Sketching

    Start sketching the character using pencil and just make the figure clearer.

  2. Inking

    Clean up unnecessary sketches then start the inking process using ink pen for this i used titus fine pen.

  3. Color to add details

    And finally add colors to give more details.

Thats all I hope y'all like it steemians. See you again next time.☺

Thank you for stopping by.

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thank you @sandaraclark