The Beauty of Art needs to be Appreciated

in #art3 years ago

Hello steemians! I've known a young man for a while now. Trust me when I say he is good at what he does. He goes by the name @ClassiqMims; he is one of my sons(more like a mentee) and he takes 100% credit for all the art works you are going to be seeing afterwards. I loved them and I felt you would appreciate him as well if I shared.

Image Credit: Classiq Designs

Image credit: Classiq Designs

Image credit: Classiq Designs

Image Credit: Classiq Designs

The young man at the centre of this work is the young man I decided to celebrate this morning.

If I get an overwhelming response, I am sure to dig up more and share for your viewing pleasure. Let me see how many that find it fascinating by using the comments, resteem and of course upvote buttons. Cheers!


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