SLICE OF FOREVER :- My collaborative art with @everlove

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Hi everyone,
this post is made as per the collaborative art journey with @everlove.
This time title is "SLICE OF FOREVER". Original Link for Collaboration
first thing that come in my mind after reading this title is "something that can not be merge by anything".
I used polar coordinate filter to show that slice is circular that means there is not end and no starting as well. i try to represent it by metal lines available in the original image.

so, i come up with art given below :

slice of forever.jpg

Original Image provided by @everlove

slice of forever.jpg

...---*** Have a Nice Day ***--- ...


ve mane pan upvote aap ne bhai

Ha ha ...

Good work buddy .

Ha ha ...
Welcome .

Wow, That's amazing bro :
Have a nice day too.

Thanks @artguy for your support.

Ha ha ... i will also participate this time.
Just wait and watch.

I am waiting !!!

Awesome ...

Thanks @nitan.

Very nicely represent the theme.
Nice work.


How clever you are @motivator. I love the circular feel and the way the wavy lines provide such movement to this piece. The squatting image on the right is really the perfect addition. So very glad you are back playing with us again. Your art is always a great addition to our collection.

Thanks for your complement @everlove.
I will try to participate in future also.
Have a Nice Day ...

I'd be honored if you would!! Blessings to you @motivator.