Abstract Art :- Progress

in #art4 years ago

Hello guys,
I hope you are fine and in fantastic mood.
Today I wanna share an abstract art : Progress

Hope you love it.
I used Photoshop, viveza and colorefexpro for creating this art.
You can also specify topic of abstract art.


... Have a Nice Day ...


Very spectacular piece.

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Hey. would love to see finished one. good progress.
check my blog. trying to do something new to make people smile.

Thanks for sharing... Love it.

It's my pleasure.
Have a Nice Day ...

So spiky and attractive.

Thanks a lot.

Hello @Motivator welcome to Steemit . Maybe your post may not immediately get a lot of upvoted but I believe your continued hard work and effort will makes you success. Follow me @aliraza55 Thank you

Ha ha ....
You are correct , actually I post after one month so it happens.

Follow you ...

Have a Nice Day ...

Digging this piece..cool stuff!