Magic Mushrooms

in #art6 years ago

Sort of, not what you were thinking... was it.

Tuned out pretty nicely, the artistic muse suddlenly struck me.


Or perhaps if the magic mushrooms isn’t your fancy, perhaps Cows on Acid is...



Great idea - love the mushrooms!

You are speaking about the photograph aren’t you? Lol🐓🐓

Great artwork! I definitely get the magic/acid feel.. just wondering what you used to create this? Realistic photos combined in Photoshop? Keep up the amazing work!

Glad you enjoyed the photos, but I can’t reveal my sources. 🐓🐓

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It beautiful

Thank you. 🐓🐓

You're welcome

Googley thought the mushrooms were pasties. Smh. Can you believe her? Lol

Hugs, super tight ones, love ya friend!

That damned Googley! Her mind is always in the gutter. If anything can help her catch a man it’s those magic mushrooms❣️🐓

Cows on acid is Great!

A must see! 🐓🐓

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