Pool Party Ahri League of Legends Fanart

in #art6 years ago

So.. yes there is only two photos because it sorta slipped my mind about taking photos while drawing it as I was really focused on the body and kept messing up but eventually I got to where I liked it so that's why I'm posting it. So I'm sorry about that!


But I really wish Riot would just make this skin already! I mean her last skin was star gaurdian Ahri and MF got a SG skin too and now shes getting an ulti skin? In the dev video for future skins she said Ahri was in the list then followed it with "just kidding.. maybe" and also pool party Zoe is in the works and they usually release those skins in batches so idk and you can see academy Ahri in the background of Galio's new skin so maybe they'll just update that skin? WHO KNOWS and Ahri's changes got delayed on the PBE which I can't tell if I'm happy or not about haha. SORRY FOR THE RANT!



That ball is dope LUL

Wow, she is cutie)

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